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Whether you need a plumber to repair a leaky faucet or perhaps repipe your entire home, beware these dreaded realities that can turn your plumbing experience into a nightmare. READ MORE
Choosing the right professional is the most important step when you have to make a repair to your plumbing system or conduct a remodeling project. Why? Well, for starters ... READ MORE
All plumbing systems can be broken down into two basic categories:
1. The water supply system
2. The drainage, Waste, and Vent (DWV) ... READ MORE

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Make sure your plumbing company stands apart from the rest and delivers the best. Look for the "Preferred Plumber"™ symbol before you select a plumbing professional.

This informational web site has been set with the best interest of you, the homeowner, in mind. The Preferred Plumber ™ website has been established to provide homeowners a place to learn about plumbing systems, repairs, and remodeling projects as well as identify how to go about selecting a competent, safe, and reliable plumbing professional.

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