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Plumbing Nightmares and how to avoid them.

plumbing nightmares and how to avoid them

Whether you need a plumber to repair a leaky faucet or perhaps repipe your entire home, beware these dreaded realities that can turn your plumbing experience into a nightmare:

  1. The Drive-by Plumber: some plumbers are in and out of your home in a flash, which is a good thing, right? WRONG!! These fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants plumbers are most likely not using the proper techniques, tools, and supplies that are so critical to preventing callbacks. In fact, they may be quick but when there's a problem, which is likely due to their "get in and get out" philosophy, they need to come back and you get to deal with the mess and inconvenience all over again. A Preferred Plumber™ selects only the highest caliber materials and is trained and skilled in the proper techniques that ensure that we do the job right, the first time!
  2. The Long Engagement: some plumbers may say they'll be in and out of your home, but the work seems to drag on for days, or worse, possibly because they are waiting for materials or they are busy finishing someone else's plumbing job. A Preferred Plumber™ is there when promised ... stays long enough to do the best possible job, then they're out of your hair!
  3. Your Home = the New City Dump: neat and tidy are not two words that are often associated with plumbers. In fact, many drive trucks up on your driveway, leave tools and supply packaging lying around your house, and drag who knows what into your home on their shoes. Not when you deal with a Preferred Plumber™. They treat your home and property as if it were their own, leaving nothing behind but an outstanding plumbing job and your complete satisfaction. Preferred Plumbers™ even wear special foot gear to cover their shoes and clean up after themselves as they work to keep your home spotless!
  4. The "Concrete" Guarantee: some plumbers offer a "concrete guarantee" ... that as soon as their truck leaves your concrete driveway, their guarantee expires. Many offer guarantees on materials, but no guarantee on workmanship ... and poor installation can void many manufacturer material warranties that are meant to protect you. A Preferred Plumber™ will offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their work (see for details) ... that's on top of any material guarantees.

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Plumbing Nightmares
  • Plumbing Nightmares and How to Avoid Them

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